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15th November 2021

Trying out the yearbox plugin. The one thing I do think is done much better in tiddlywiki is the daily journal button. Just press a button and boom! straight into a journal entry. Even could configure shortcut key to do it. This plugin is pretty good, as I can just hit the calendar. I suppose I could have a small one on the home page.

TW is very much throw it in and then sort it out later (optionally sort it out now). DW is more towards organising it as you put it in. Which I do appreciate as then stuff isn't just a mess that I never tidy as I can't “see” it. I could make more use of tagging in tiddlywiki to organise stuff more. I was just afriad of making it “messy”. Which I don't think matters. I can colour co-ordinate stuff.

I suspect I'll drop dokuwiki in favour of tiddlywiki but I hope I'll learn what I should do to improve my tiddlywiki. It's probably a better tool for what I want, I just need to make it a bit better to use myself.

Wiki Learnings shall be a new page for me to capture things I want to do or like.

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