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Never content on a place to blog

I've had so many different blog “engines” and yet I'm always looking for others or going back to old ones. Probably it's because I'd rather setup software than write anything. Nevertheless, it annoys me and I wish I could be content in one place.

I like the ease of Ghost and Wordpress, but I like the longevity of static sites. Then there's things like dokuwiki which are in between - plain text in the background but a server to make the writing easier.

I also like the idea of having a blog and wiki combined. So there's a mix of time based information with things that are constant over all time. Or my own content to reference and talk to. The other contender for that is Tiddlywiki, but I feel like this site is a bit more … normal? Plus it has image management.

I don't know. Maybe I should just bin the whole idea and not bother.


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