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๐Ÿ”Ž Wiki Learnings

Meant to be a place where I keep records of things I like such that whichever software I choose I can make it better.

Better starting page

  • More content and links from the starting page.
  • Add a picture or quote or something to make it more interesting
  • Think about what I want to do when I go here and what a causal reader might.
    • This also depends on how I decide to use the site. e.g. daily blogging for others or purely private journal and reference wiki.

Quick log/journal entries

  • Don't bury it, or have button on home page or shortcut.
  • TW dedicated button is the way to go.

Better discovery

  • Have more organisation with pages of indexes or lists of content so it's easy to come across things
    • Automate it with macros/lists/plugins that pull in all pages.
    • Maybe even a master site map (dokuwiki has a sitemap and Recent changes at the top โ˜)

Enable reflection

  • Something that encourages me to review, revisit and validate my thinking and reasoning
    • Something that I want to do which I don't thus far, is make decisions, think out issues, then record and remind myself of those things. I do want to capture my thoughts over time on important topics. I need a way that is easy to do that review.
      • Autogenerated pages?
      • Lists of items within a namespace that I've not edited in a long time?
      • tagging topics of note
      • something else/combination?
  • On this day feature - e.g. show today's journal for last month/6 months/12 months. Maybe at the bottom or dedicated page or home page?

Goals and progress

  • Track goals and progress
  • Make it visible and public to keep me accountable
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